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Tepe Kahve 2001
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Tepe Kahve 2001

Tepe Kahve 2001

Tepe Kahve 2001 is a Turkish breakfast and meat restaurant that is about 25 kilometers away from Cesme on the old Izmir-Cesme road. The exact town is called Uzunkuyu.

A very pretty area, the old road and surroundings provide a wonderful day trip opportunity from Cesme if you are so inclined. It's possible to lounge under the large pine trees enjoying the fresh air while enjoying some of the freshest village ingredients in a traditional Turkish breakfast. The amount of food that is served is incredible.

Similarly the restaurant provides a wide variety of grilled fare for dinner. The specialty is grilled and stuffed goat (young goat actually, a true specialty). It's best to sit outside and eat "al fresco" in the summer but you could enjoy the crackling fire in the fireplace if you visit in the winter.

Open year round from 7 a.m. til very late at night.

Telephone: 0232 762 64 30

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Address: Zeytinler Otoyol Çıkışı, No. 30, Uzunkuyu Köyü, Urla, İzmir

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