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Masala Hotel Alacati
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A quiet street in Alacati, this building was one of hundreds of abandoned stone houses here. They say each house in Alacati has a story, no doubt this one has one too but we don't know what it is.

"Our home began to rise with each added stone, it began to look too big for just a dad and his son. So we decided to go with the trend and demands and turn it into a hotel.

Four rooms on the top floor and two rooms on the bottom floor along with a large living and sitting area. It feels like home but we can't say that you will feel at home because we don't know what your home is like. Is it a boutique hotel? Maybe, but it may be more 'sympathique' than boutique. We don't have a parking lot, dry cleaning or 24 hour room service. We do have clean and comfortable rooms, smiling service and friendliness. You decide."

Telephone : 0 232 716 05 78


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