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Dining in Cesme and Alacati
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What to eat while in Cesme and where? As you can see from our maps, Cesme is actually a peninsula and the two westernmost points, which are also the most touristic, are the towns of Cesme and Alacati. In the summer, the population of this small area exceeds 600,000 but falls to about a tenth of that in winter. Even though the winter population is so small, the area has a surprisingly rich variety of restaurants to meet every taste. You can find the best in kumru sandwiches (a specialty of Cesme), the freshest and tastiest seafood, incredible kebabs and even fondue and Mexican cuisine year round.

Let us help you explore the restaurants of the area. On our website, you can find a listing of all the restaurants in Cesme and Alacati
here. If you'd like to search in more detail, you can use the search bar located towards the top of all our pages to filter the results according to the region and cuisine you're looking for. And of course, if you happen to come across and like a restaurant in Cesme which isn't on our website, please send us the particulars so we may also share with our users.

One of Cesme's most famous culinary specialties is called "kumru". This is actually the name of the bread used in the sandwich and the kumru may only be found in Cesme. There is quite a bit of competition among kumru restaurants in Cesme with some having expanded into many locations while others run a single shop as their families have for some generations. The best approach is to sample a few of these restaurants, we're sure you'll find your favorite as everyone does.

Because of Cesme's natural location, seafood here is amazing. There are families who have fished and operated seafood restaurants for many generations and it is possible to find great seafood and fish restaurants in all parts of Cesme. We also suggest you try langusta, a type of small lobster that is native to the region and is very delicious. Meze, small plates of appetizers, are natural complements to a good seafood dinner and go very well with raki. Cesme's restaurants are extremely skilled in different types of meze and we are sure you will leave Cesme full and satisfied.

Kebabs, pide, all types of Turkish specialties have their masters in Cesme and some of these have proven themselves by being in Cesme for many, many years. We wish you an excellent vacation in our beautiful Cesme and hope that your dining here exceeds your every expectation.

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