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Our website is solely focused on the beautiful Turkish holiday town of Cesme and the most up-to-date information about the region. Our mission is to be the most colorful and inclusive city and regional guide for Cesme and to provide you with everything concerning Cesme's hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, shopping, entertainment spots and deals in an efficient yet fun way.

Cesme's History: Turkey’s westernmost point.

Many areas, towns and cities of Turkey are rich in history and it’s no different with Cesme; in the antique ages first the Cretans then the Ionians lived here. The Romans named the area Kysus and the port of Cesme was the final point in the road from the East, the Silk Road. Merchant ships would load up their silks, spices and other riches of the East and set sail to Italy from here. The wines of the area were also very famous; that’s why the Genovese constructed a castle here to protect the port in the 14’th century (the current castle you will see in Cesme was constructed by the Ottomans in the 18’th century). Then in 1566 the Ottoman Empire simply annexed the peninsula and the following centuries slowly eroded Cesme’s influence. First the port of Cesme lost its ranking to the nearby port of Izmir. Then immigrants from the Macedonian and northern Greek areas slowly stopped producing wine and instead began planting tobacco which they were familiar with from their homelands. However, the Cesme soil did not like tobacco and soon there was no more wine or tobacco.

Cesme Ilica Beach

In the 18’th century, the wealthier citizens of Izmir began developing Cesme with an alternative purpose; the coastlines, beaches and thermal therapeutic waters of Cesme were rapidly noticed and the wealthy began building their summer homes here. And until the last 20 years, Cesme kept its idyllic calm and quiet character. Even the super modern highway linking Izmir to Cesme didn’t make a large impression on its solitude. It has been developing slowly and beautifully since. The beaches of Cesme easily rival any of the best beaches in the world and this area of Turkey is one of the most important areas for the tourism industry. It’s importance will only increase in the coming years.