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1. This website which publishes content in Turkish and English belongs to and is run by Özen İnternet, Organizasyon, Turizm ve Pazarlama (Çeşme.Net), hereafter referred to legally as Çeşme.net. All visual and written content and applications on Çeşme.net are either wholly or in part supplied by Çeşme.net and its collaborators.

2. All content on Çeşme.net are protected by international copyright laws. All content on this site, including all coding and programming, cannot be altered, copied, reproduced, reprinted, downloaded, emailed or distributed in any shape or form.

3. While sending messages or files, entering data or using another communication device over Çeşme.net electronically, it is accepted that a copyright release and lasting, unlimited, internationally valid license has been given to Çeşme.net to publish said content. Çeşme.net has the right to perform the below terms within the context of this license:

i. To use every kind of communication, copy, license to third parties, adapt, forward, or present to the general public.

ii. To use the above mentioned communication rights freely and license to third parties without limitation.

iii. The above mentioned rights include and are not limited to the copyrights in all areas of legislation, trade marks, service marks or patent law rights.

4. Çeşme.net supplies connections, information and links to web sites that are managed by the third parties. Çeşme.net does not run or inspect the information, products and services on these third parties’ web sites.

5. Çeşme.net does not guarantee that all elements in its content and third party content including the forum areas and other accessible units are without mistake or that this content is without viruses or potentially harmful components.

6. Çeşme.net does not give warranty for the usage of the materials or correctness about the usage results, certainty, punctuality, reliability in the site or in the third party sites' information. Users accept in advance complete responsibility for all damages arising from use of said material on Çeşme.net.

7. Çeşme.net does not inspect the messages, information or files published in the forum areas which allow real time interaction and data sharing among the users. While using the forum areas and this web site in general, it is agreed in advance by the users to have accepted the below conditions;

i. To not impede the forum areas, chat rooms and other interactive areas of other users.

ii. To not post or forward any information that could constitute a crime, necessitate legal inspection, or possibly be against local or international laws and to not post any content that could be seen as illegal, threatening, abusive, rude, insulting, libelous or pornographic.

iii. To not forward or mail any software or other material infringing on another person’s privacy rights or broadcasting rights, copyrights, trade mark rights, including adapted materials protected by property rights without specific written authorization from its owner.

iv. To not forward or mail any information, programming or other material that may contain a virus or any other harmful component.

v. To not mail, forward or use any information, programming or material that is commercial in purpose or any advertising or spam.

vi. It is accepted in advance by users using the services and content of Çeşme.net that Çeşme.net does not have the obligation to control, moderate or inspect its forum areas, chat rooms and other interactive areas.

vii. However, Çeşme.net has the unlimited right to remove, edit, delete or not allow any content on its website which it deems to not fit its standards as described above and also has the unlimited right to share any of its content in order to reply to legal, administrative or govermental requests.

8. Çeşme.net bears no legal responsibility from the use of its material or any harms stemming from the information in its web site, evaluations or comments therewith.

9. Any and all information collected from users by Çeşme.net to provide membership or personalizition (such as email addresses, dates of birth etc.) are used solely for its service and will never be shared with outside third parties.

10. Çeşme.net, its employees or affiliates have no legal responsibility related to any material or immaterial harms due to users' inability or unwillingness to read or understand these terms of use.

11. Çeşme.net has the right to change or alter these terms whenever it wants and without advance warning.

12. Since the moment you entered Çeşme.net and begun using its services, it is assumed that you have seen, read, understood and accepted its terms of use.

13. This agreement and terms are valid until Çeşme.net deems that these terms are no longer valid.

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