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Cesme Sunsets
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Cesme Sunsets

Turkey's western coast is so beautiful that it's very easy to understand why so many civilizations have called this land home over past millenia. This land is also very lucky regarding sunsets, a beautiful natural phenomenon that captivates us all. The coves, the unequalled geography of the region allows us to partake in some of most incredible sunsets afforded to us on the planet. Cesme is one town that has its share of this natural beauty as it faces directly west. So where can one watch the most beautiful of Cesme sunsets?

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You can lean back on one the public banks on Hurriyet Street, the seaside promenade in Cesme's center, and watch the sun set over nearby Chios. Or you can sit at a table at one of several excellent seafood restaurants on the street and enjoy the sunset over some raki and fresh fish.