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Pasa Limani
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Pasa Limani

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About 10 kilometers from Cesme's center, just east of Ilica is a small peninsula named Pasa Limani (translation: Pasha's Harbour). It's actually also known, maybe more officially, as the Ardic neighbourhood. Some of Cesme's most beautiful summer residences are on this peninsula and because of the hilly geography these homes have some amazing views. One can look towards Cesme from these hills and because it's facing west also watch some incredible sunsets.

There is also a well known youth camp on the Pasa Limani peninsula. This camp is operated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and rests on a great location with a well protected beach.

If you visit Pasa Limani, your main impression will be of the summer homes and summer compounds. If you visit during the day you can take a swim at Dodo Beach Club or if you go in the evening you can have a nice dinner with a view at Pasarella Restaurant.

A sunset view from the hills of Cesme's Pasa Limani

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